Commercial waterproofing systems are designed to protect sub-grade structures from the harmful effects of water infiltration, which causes structural deterioration and damage. Each system is engineered to waterproof specific project conditions.

In our waterproofing assemblies, hot rubberized asphalt (HRA) provides a monolithic membrane. Monolithic membrane has a complete lack of seams; water has no way to find a path to the roof substrate underneath. This advantage is particularly apparent in vegetative and paver systems, where a leak would be much more difficult to detect and correct because of the complexity and weight of the roof over the substrate. Once waterproofing is applied to the substrate, we use electric field vector mapping (EFVM) to verify that it’s waterproof.

International Roofing offers the best waterproofing solutions to address the various needs of a project including building design, substrate conditions, climate, environment and budget.