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Virginia State Capitol

View of the Capitol's portico

Project Details

On the Virginia State Capitol’s South Portico, hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing was used in conjunction with architectural pavers to outfit the landmark’s façade. Thomas Jefferson is largely considered the architect of the Capitol, in collaboration with French architect Charles-Louis Clérisseau. As one of Virginia’s most symbolic buildings, we worked with a number of entities involved, including engineers, architects, consultants, the general contractor, and the building owner, the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Before we began waterproofing the portico, we had to have the original Jeffersonian-era concrete deck restored into a sufficient substrate for the hot rubberized asphalt application. Once we completed the waterproofing, a specialty contractor installed the beautiful custom architectural pavers.

At a Glance

CLIENT: Virginia State Capitol LOCATION: Richmond, VA TYPE: Waterproofing KEY FACTORS: This project was part of a historic restoration.