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Smithfield Packing Plant- Bacon Blast Roof Replacement

Tear-off depth of 13 inches!
Tearing off in-progress
Down to the deck after tear-off
Rolling out the modified bitumen sheet over the cold adhesive
The finished product

Project Details

The Smithfield Packing Plant- Bacon Blast roof replacement project really illustrates how complex roofing is as a craft. Tearing off the original 13 inches of existing roof system (over the cold storage facility) down to the structural deck was a messy, laborious part of the work. The new system is a cold adhesive and modified bitumen hybrid. On top of that, it’s a manufacturing environment, so there’s no room for mistakes when there’s bacon under the roof! The icing on the cake is the network of ammonia lines on the rooftop, so safety was a major emphasis on this roof. Check out the photos to see this project from beginning to end.

At a Glance

CLIENT: Smithfield Packing Plant- Bacon Blast Roof Replacement LOCATION: Smithfield, VA TYPE: Re-Roofing KEY FACTORS: A labor intensive tear-off and a roof full of industrial ammonia lines required very safety-focused conditions.