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Moseley Architects

A space for employees to enjoy the outdoors

Project Details

On Moseley Architects’ LEED Platinum Certified office building, International Roofing installed a vegetative roof space that is enjoyed by Moseley’s employees.¬† The roof system is comprised of hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing, intensive and extensive vegetative roof system, and an architectural paver system. In the midst of the industrial-centric Scott’s Addition neighborhood, surely the addition of a bit of green roof space was a welcome sight. Green (vegetative) roofs like this reduce the heat-island effect prevalent in urban centers and help reduce storm water runoff into the¬†sewer system. The space is also a tranquil spot to grab some fresh air and re-energize.

At a Glance

CLIENT: Moseley Architects LOCATION: Richmond, VA TYPE: LEED