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SunTrust Bank Mid-Atlantic Headquarters

Thriving in 2016
Well established in 2008
After completion in 2005

Project Details

Completed in 2005, the green roof on the SunTrust Mid-Atlantic Headquarters was the first of its kind in Richmond, VA. At the time, it was also the largest green roof in Virginia at 11,000 sq.ft. The project required tear-off of the old ballasted EPDM roof system and installation of a new extensive vegetative roof system with sedums. This roof has a mix of seven types of sedums and a total of 18,830 individual plants! You can see the progress in the photos above and how much the plants have matured over the years. By planting different varieties, the roof changes colors and patterns through the seasons.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay awarded a $28,000 grant to SunTrust for a green roof on its headquarters building to promote the environmental benefits of green roofs. One of the main goals of this project (aside from its aesthetic value) is to divert and reduce stormwater runoff that would otherwise carry pollutants into the James River and beyond to the Chesapeake Bay. In cities, where green space is lessened, the green roof has the ability to soak up and filter out pollutants before excess rainwater runs off the hardscapes and is introduced onto the streets, into the sewers, and ultimately into our waterways. In addition, green roofs can provide valuable energy savings on the building and extend the roof life. A green roof is a really remarkable way to lessen an urban building’s environmental impact while also benefitting an owner’s bottom line.

At a Glance

CLIENT: SunTrust Bank Mid-Atlantic Headquarters LOCATION: Richmond, VA TYPE: Vegetative Roofing