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Metal Roof Alternative- Hampton Roads

Using gray TPO with contour ribs as a metal roof alternative
The new TPO roof achieves the look of high-end metal with strong wind resistance for this building on the water.
Aerial view of the TPO roof
The building before roof tear-off
The existing corrugated asphalt shingles were not holding up.

Project Details

This building is in close proximity to the water in Newport News. The shingles were blowing off, so we came up with an alternative solution to replacing the roof with shingles again. The client wanted the look of a standing seam roof, but it was not in the budget, so we installed a metal roof alternative at a fraction of the cost.

We tore off the existing corrugated asphalt shingle roof and 3-tab shingles underneath down to the plywood deck. The new system consists of adhered 725TR vapor barrior, ISO insulation and fully adhered .060 Gray TPO with contour ribs that mimic the look of metal.


At a Glance

CLIENT: Metal Roof Alternative- Hampton Roads LOCATION: Newport News, Virginia TYPE: Service / Maintenance KEY FACTORS: High wind zone for this building on the water