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M&E Contractors

Metal roof- before
Custom-cut EPS insulation to fit the metal panel profile
Stand-up induction tool and magnets used for welding fastener plates
Snow on the newly installed TPO roof

Project Details

The M&E Contractors building had an aging metal roof over its warehouse space. Warehouse spaces typically aren’t the most energy efficient and climate-controlled environments. Our solution was a metal roof retrofit with the SFS isoweld® induction-welded system that directly heat welds adhesive-coated insulation plates to the TPO single-ply membrane. We included custom-cut EPS insulation in the assembly to fit the existing metal roof panel profile, eliminating an extra layer of flute filler to save material, time and labor costs. The system requires less insulation plates and fasteners too, which further reduces overall cost.

Among the many benefits of this system, the isoweld® system installation works well in extreme cold because of the heat welding in lieu of traditional membrane adhesives. Adhesives can be more impacted by weather conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations. As you can see from the photos above, the temperature during the M&E installation put this advantage to the test.



At a Glance

CLIENT: M&E Contractors LOCATION: Richmond, VA TYPE: Re-Roofing KEY FACTORS: One of the benefits of additional insulation on this roof is reduced energy costs and consumption inside the building.