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James Monroe Building

Sunrise over the newly installed KEE roof system
James Monroe Building

Project Details

The James Monroe Building is a skyscraper located in downtown Richmond. At 449 feet tall, it’s actually the tallest building in the city! The commercial re-roof was completed with a fully adhered PVC KEE roof system. KEE (ketone ethylene ester) membranes are exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant, chemical resistant, flexible, and UV resistant. PVC KEE is also self-extinguishing, making it remarkably fire resistant. For those building owners looking to decrease their environmental impact, once it’s reached the end of its useful roof life, KEE is recyclable as well!


At a Glance

CLIENT: James Monroe Building LOCATION: Richmond, VA TYPE: Re-Roofing KEY FACTORS: Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) roofing membranes are known for superior flexibility and UV resistance.